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Why Accident Insurance is Important

Sponsoring an accident insurance plan can be a good public relation tool and provide valuable financial protection for you and your students. Consider the following:

The number of uninsured families continues to persist; accident insurance can cover a portion of their medical expenses.

Most parent insurance plans contain deductibles, coinsurance and copays; accident insurance can offset these out-of-pocket expenses or bridge gaps in coverage.

Accident insurance offers guaranteed coverage for students with no health questions as a condition for coverage. New students who join your school after the effective date are automatically covered or can enroll at any time.

Accident insurance pays benefits per covered accident. This means your students are typically covered for multiple accidents during the policy period.

Accident insurance may reduce your exposure to liability claims and law suits, since medical expenses are taken care of under the accident insurance plan.

Accident insurance can be designed with your budget in mind while providing protection for students 24-hours a day or during school, including school-related activities such as sports and other extracurricular activities.

Accident insurance provides unrestricted choice, parents can be treated by a hospital or physician of their choice. Accident insurance also does not require pre-authorization or referrals for medical treatment.

Claim administration is done in-house, there is no outsourcing. Our dedicated in-house staff can provide the best possible claim service and answer all your questions.

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