What kind of insurance is this?

This insurance policy is an accident only policy. This policy does not cover loss due to sickness. This policy provides coverage when a student has an accidental bodily injury that occurs while the insurance coverage is in force and for which the premium has been paid. This insurance policy is supplemental insurance and not intended to cover all medical expenses.

Where can I find specific insurance information for my student's school?

In the school look-up under the 'Find My School' link on our website you can find brochures, enrollment forms, claim forms and policy identification forms.

I can't find my school on your website. How do I purchase a policy?

Blanket Accident Insurance policy is issued through school districts. If your school district is not listed under the school look up on our website, you can call our office to double check or contact the main office of your school district to see who they have contracted with for supplemental accident insurance.

If I purchased voluntary coverage how do I know payment was received?

If you enroll online a verification screen will display after the transaction telling you it was successful, then you will receive an email verifying the transaction. If you apply by mailing your application and payment, then your canceled check or credit card statement will be your verification of coverage.

Will I receive an insurance ID card?

No, ID cards are not issued for these accident policies. However, you can download and print a policy identification form from our website. This can be used as your proof of insurance coverage. This form is in the school look-up under the 'Find My School' link.

When does the coverage for my student begin?

Your student's coverage will begin on the later of the master policy effective date or, for online enrollment, 12:01 A.M. following the date the proper premium is received. Or, for mailed applications, 12:01 A.M following the date the envelope containing enrollment form and correct premium payment is postmarked by the U.S. Post Service.

When does the coverage for my student end?

Your student's coverage will end on the earlier of: the master policy expiration date or on the last day of the authorized season of interscholastic sports and/or activities of the current school year, or the first day of school next year.

I purchased a policy and now my child will not be participating in sports. Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds of the premium after the insurance coverage effective date.

I have more than one kid? How do I enroll them at the same time?

When enrolling online, click the 'Add Another Student' button at the bottom of the enrollment page. When enrolling your students by mailing the forms, complete a separate form for each student and mail together with the payment. One payment can be issued for all students enrolled at a single time.

We are moving school districts. Does my student's coverage end?

No. If you switch school districts after the insurance effective date, the policy will continue to cover the student for the remainder of the policy period for which you paid the premium.

How do I report a claim?

Submitting a completed Proof of Claim Form to our office initiates the claim process. Proof of Claim Forms are available at your school or on our website in the school look-up under the 'Find My School' link. If the accident occurred at school, a school official should complete Part A of the Proof of Claim Form.

Where do I find a copy of the master policy?

There are documents summarizing the policies in the school look-up under the 'Find My School' link. Should you require more information you can request a copy of the master policy from the main office of your school district or you can request a copy directly from our office by mailing us a written request. Please include your name, your student's name, return address and the name of the school district your student attends on your request.

I still have more questions.

You can call our office at 651-439-7098 or toll free: 1-800-328-2739. Our claim staff is available 8:00 - 4:30 Central Time, Monday through Friday. Questions can also be emailed to us at info@sas-mn.com or by completing a Request Information.