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Purchase Online - 2 options

    Students are automatically enrolled in the basic
   injury, basic insurance plan at registration
   unless the official waiver form is completed.
   Premium is added to the student's account.
   Dependent coverage and stand alone needle-
   stick coverage may be purchased on
   voluntary basis.

1. Dependent of a covered Student - Bill Credit Card

   If you are a dependent of a covered student who wishes
   to purchase insurance coverage by authorizing Student
   Assurance Services, Inc. to bill the premium amount to
   your credit card, select the link below to access the online
   enrollment form.

   Bill Credit Card

   You do not have the option to have the premium billed to
   your student account. Students must purchase insurance
   coverage in order to enroll dependents. Insurance
   coverage is not available for dependents only.

2. Stand-Alone Needle Stick Coverage - Bill Credit Card

   If you are a healthcare professional student who wishes
   to purchase optional stand-alone needle stick coverage
   by authorizing Student Assurance Services, Inc. to bill the
   premium amount to your credit card, select the link below
   to access the online enrollment form.

   Bill Credit Card

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